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Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) 20 February 2014

At APRICOT 2014, Tackling Hard Issues: A NetOps Workshop on IPv6, DNSSEC and Routing Security

Andrei Robachevsky
By Andrei RobachevskySenior Director, Technology Programmes

Why hasn’t IPv6 taken over IPv4 yet? What is blocking DNSSEC validation? What simple steps can we take individually and collectively to improve the security of the Internet’s infrastructure?

Next week, on 26 February, we will host a session at APRICOT 2014 in Malaysia called Tackling Hard Issues: A NetOps Workshop on IPv6, DNSSEC and Routing Security.”

From the session abstract:

“The Internet Society is focused on ensuring that a healthy, sustainable Internet is available to everyone – today and for the next billion users. Technology-focused programmes are a vital component of the Internet Society’s mission. We work with engineers and network operators to facilitate the open development of standards and protocols, to foster collaboration among network operators, and to ensure a robust, secure technical infrastructure.

In the proposed workshop we will discuss some hard issues that we have addressed through facilitated collaboration, as well as looking at current issues that need this kind of collaborative action related to IPv6, DNSSEC, and routing security. The participants are invited to share their views and experience of how to speed up IPv6 deployment, encourage DNSSEC validation, and improve routing security and resilience against attacks.”

Indeed, the adoption of these technologies, essential for the healthy future evolution of the Internet, is challenging. The packed workshop agenda features several speakers with interesting presentations that we hope will stimulate useful discussion. Topics include:

  • Routing Security: Awareness & Hygiene
  • Fighting Reflection Attacks: preventing spoofing and open resolvers
  • DNSSEC: switching on validation
  • Deploy360: IPv6, DNSSEC and Securing BGP
  • IPv6 Deployment: current state and views from a CDN and a mobile operator
  • Collective Responsibility: collaboration and coordination

How do we speed up IPv6 deployment and encourage DNSSEC validation? What are the obstacles? What regional actions and initiatives exist to stimulate deployment, and which ones would be useful to set up?

Speakers will touch on these and other pressing questions, share their views and experiences, and exchange ideas. Most importantly, though, we want to hear from the participants in the room to hear their thoughts on these questions and ideas for how to speed things along.

We invite network operators, service providers, and anyone interested in these technologies to join us in this session and contribute to useful, productive discussion.

Please join us Wednesday, 26 February, from 9AM until 12:30PM in Bahamas 2&3, Level 12, at APRICOT 2014.

We also have an Internet Society booth during the event and our colleagues will be discussing many other topics throughout the week. Check out APRICOT 2014 for more information on all our activities.

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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