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Technology 3 February 2014

Who Makes the Internet Work: The Internet Ecosystem

Our Internet Ecosystem

The organizations and communities that help the Internet work and evolve are called the Internet Ecosystem.

They share common values for the open development of the Internet.

Here’s what Internet Ecosystem means in this context. The rapid and continued development and adoption of Internet technologies can be attributed to the involvement of:

  • A broad range of actors
  • Open, transparent, and collaborative processes
  • The uses of products and infrastructure with dispersed ownership and control.

Organizations that make up the Internet Ecosystem include:

Technologists, engineers, architects, creatives, and organizations, such as the Internet Engineering Task Force and the World Wide Web Consortium, who help coordinate and implement open standards.

Global and local organizations that manage resources for global addressing capabilities. Among them are the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, including its operation of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority function, Regional Internet Registries, and Domain Name Registries and Registrars.

Operators, engineers, and vendors that provide network infrastructure services such as Domain Name Service providers, network operators, and Internet Exchange Points.

Internet users who use the Internet to communicate with one other and offer services.

Educators who teach others and build capacity for developing and using Internet technologies, such as multilateral organizations, educational institutions, and governmental agencies.

Policy and decision-makers who do local and global policy development and governance.

To help you further understand the Internet Ecosystem, and the organizations within it, check out the resources below:

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